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 Rules for Dark RP

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PostSubject: Rules for Dark RP   Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:25 am


Most offences: 1. Warning/Slay; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban; 4. Week Ban; 5. Permanent Ban
Major offences (such as hacking or racism): Instant Permanent Ban
Minor chat offences: Gag/Mute/Gimp

No "hacking" or cheating in any way
If you're new to DarkRP, press F1 while in-game and read the help text - do not keep asking questions that are answered there
No random deathmatching
Do not avoid punishment by leaving and joining again
Killing someone because of their job is RDM
Follow the New Life Rule (NLR) - if you die you have to forget everything from the previous life, unless you were RDM'd
Show respect to all players
Don't argue with admins' decisions
To report a rule-breaker or a glitch please type "@" before your message
No trying to make the server lag or crash
Fear RP is carried under gunpoint - you can't become aggressive because you only have one life
No pretending to have sex or rape someone
No offensive names, e.g. Adolf Hitlet, Osama Bin Laden
Pronounceable names only, e.g. Louis not "C63jf"
No sexual spray paints
No trolling in any other form


Do not metagame in the text chat - this means you can't talk to someone In Character (IC) using Out Of Character chat (OOC)
No racism
Occasional swearing is allowed but no abuse towards other players
Do not talk aggressively to other players unless it's IC
If you have voice chat disabled you are responsible for any problems it causes
Text chat is just as important as voice chat
English only
No spamming the voice chat or text chat
English only - 1. Warning; 2. Mute
Using speakers with a mic causes feedback and is considered spamming
Singing, humming, whistling, etc. on voice chat is considered spamming
Don't argue with other players about a situation use "@" command to call an admin
No whining or accusing other players of breaking the rules when they're not
No OOC advertising
No recruiting for clans other than Fade 2 Black
Do not beg for free admin rights


No prop-killing
No prop-pushing
No prop-blocking
No spawning props in public areas or spawn
No spamming props
No building in lifts/elevators
No building traps
No prop-surfing
Building a lift is classed as prop-surfing
No floating constructions
No spawning props to cover you in the middle of a firefight
No pushing props through walls
No one-way props (props you can see through from one side)


There must be an easy, obvious entrance to your base
Keypads must be visible and close to the doors they open, or at least have an obvious link
No fake keypads
You or a team mate must own every door inside the base if you own the front door
If you're being raided custom doors must be opened and closed by the keypad/button/input entity, not your numpad


You must play your job, e.g. don't raid as a medic.
AFK as a popular job will result in kick
No carrying guns around when you are a citizen
No guns are allowed in public areas unless there is a gang war or you are playing a government job
Changing job for your personal needs is called powergaming and is not allowed
You can only kill the Mayor with a valid RP reason, e.g. taxes are too high


Do not randomly taze people
No random arrests/warrants
No randomly searching houses for contraband
No randomly searching without a warrant
Checkpoints are allowed, e.g. ID check, weapon check
Do not promote laws which support RDM or rule breaking as the Mayor.
Do not spam /broadcast
Do not spawn contraband
You can only start a lockdown with a valid RP reason
Do not kill anyone working for the government
NLR/RDM rules still apply


In a gang you can't decide to go and kill a person without a valid RP reason
Gang wars can only be started with a valid RP reason
When you are in the same group, do not steal off your team members
Do not kill any of your team/gang without a valid RP reason
Only Gangsters, Thieves and Mob Bosses may join gangs
You can't hire an assassin to kill someone without a valid RP reason
Being a criminal does not mean you can kill government workers on the streets without a valid RP reason
You still need a valid reason to raid the Mayor
You can't raid people because you're trigger happy
RDM/NLR rules still apply
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Rules for Dark RP
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